Be alert, don’t be alarmed

Investigate moleI was changing Ollie’s nappy the other day and I noticed a red mark on his chest. When I immediately wondered if it was petechiae, I realised just how ingrained my medical alertness had become.

In medical speak, petechiae are little red dots caused when bleeding occurs under the skin. For us, they were the first sign Aidan was low on platelets and one of many things we had to be on the lookout for during Aidan’s life. Continue reading


Letting go of the life raft

Lost at seaYesterday I received the news that Aidan’s primary doctor is going on leave to travel around Australia for a year or longer.

It was something she had mentioned last year but I told myself not to worry about it, that it would be a blessing if Aidan was still here when she left. But now the reality has hit and I’m both terrified and sad. Continue reading