What I didn’t do for my sick child

Copyright: miolana / 123RF Stock PhotoOllie had a cold this week and as I was lying in bed listening to him sniffle I felt a sense of relief. Not that I was pleased he was sick, like all parents I hated to see him suffering and unhappy, but relieved that he had a simple cold. It was the first time in six years that a cold hadn’t put me on high alert. I thought about all the things I would normally do in this situation and I did none of them. When Ollie was sick I didn’t:

* Run around getting all the washing done in case we had to go to hospital in the morning
*   Wash my hair in case I didn’t get a room for a day or so
*   Pack my toiletries
*   Cancel all my plans for the week
*   Put our families on notice
*   Call someone from the medical field just to give them the heads up
*   Administer high doses of hydrocortisone
*   Get up during the night to check :
– his skin wasn’t greying from lack of oxygen
– his temperature hadn’t spiked overnight
– his respiratory rate was stable
*   Feel sick in the stomach.

What I did do was sleep when he slept and cuddled him when he cried. It was the most wonderful and natural thing on earth.


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