Taking the easy way out

papp_checkdelivery_1Anthony and I started Lite n’ Easy* this week to mixed reactions from family and friends.

Knowing our finances are limited the first reactions we get is, “It’s so expensive”. Indeed it is taking a chunk out of our finances but to be honest it was that or have a complete meltdown.

For Anthony it’s more about weight loss but for me it’s about giving us time as a family, a chance to spend time together, to spend our nights reading and playing cricket (Aidan’s latest obsession), rather than planning meals, going grocery shopping, cooking, and washing dishes.

With three weeks until Aidan starts school and the baby’s impending birth, every spare minute is being used up sorting out the nursery, buying baby equipment and once again trying in vain teach Aidan his colours, not to mention getting in as many cuddles with Aidan as possible.

My recent hospital admission was a wake up call for Anthony and I. What we so desperately need is a holiday, a break from medications and feeding tubes and the mundane routine of our lives. Unfortunately, with Aidan’s medical needs and my regular hospital appointments a holiday at the moment is well and truly out of the question. So this is what Lite n’ Easy is providing us – a holiday of sorts. A much needed break, a chance to spend time as a family and a change from our everyday lives. It’s not a long term solution but it is giving me the break I need to keep on going through this very stressful time in our lives.

*For my overseas readers, Lite n’ Easy is a weight loss program that delivers meals to your home.


8 thoughts on “Taking the easy way out

  1. It’s no one’s business but yours how you feed your family 😉 and really, buy the time you buy the groceries, travel to the supermarket, use power to cook the meals… I’m sure it all adds up pretty closely. I’m personally a little bit jealous! Lite n easy don’t deliver to here!

  2. You do what you need to do hon. If Lite n Easy is giving you the precious family time you need to spend with Aidan and give you a break as well. As Tracey said, no ones business.

  3. Do what ever works! I have fallen in love with my slow cooker. I would not cope without one now. It is only something I learned about sitting on the sideline at sport 12 months ago. It is wonderful to throw things in the cooker, while having breakfast and come home to the house smelling amazing and dinner done. And only the one bowl to wash. I also highly recommend having groceries delivered. Woolworths deliver for free over a minimum amount…which is basically a weekly grocery shop anyway. I have never been very organised on the home front, but when the girls are back at school a meal plan on the fridge that outlines what will be eaten for the week is brilliant… to not have to worry each day about what to pack in the lunchbox and it means anyone else can step in and pack it too. Anything that saves time is worth it.

  4. actually i have clients that use lite and easy it isnt all that expensive imo and it is health instead of i am to tired to cook what take out can we get, go for it and do it as long as u want

  5. I think that’s a great idea. Just wondering how it’s all going for you. I always check for promotion or discount codes on the web or their facebook page, it’s not a lot but every bit helps.

    • Hi Melanie, it’s been great having healthy meals available when we get home from hospital but we’re not exactly losing weight. There have been too many temptations at the hospital. Thankfully Ollie is home now so we can stop eating all the extras and just eat the Lite n Easy!

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