The miracle of Christmas … we’re at home!

Merry Christmas2The lead up may not have been ideal but at 5pm before the big day, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief that we will be home for Christmas.

It’s been a week of uncertainty with Aidan’s illness not caring what time of year it is. He’s had a nasty cough which is keeping him up all night, his central venous line got blocked last week and we almost had to have surgery, then on the same day he was given a sedation to replace his feeding tube and consequently turned blue, and now he has a swollen parotid gland. I’m not sure how but through some sort of Christmas miracle we have avoided a stay in hospital.

Although my blood pressure is elevated and I’m struggling to get in the Christmas spirit, I’m also eternally grateful that we get to wake up in our own beds tomorrow morning.

I’m very much aware of the many families I have met on this journey who will not get to see their beloved children on Christmas morning and the others who will spend the day on a hospital ward, and I know that we have dodged a bullet this year. As I go about my day tomorrow, each and every one of them will be at the front of my mind, as will the knowledge that I will one day be in their shoes. Their strength at this time of year is an inspiration.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that whatever hurdles your Christmas brings, you find a few reasons to smile tomorrow. I certainly know I will. xoxoxo


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