Why we’ve named our unborn child

Baby namesFrom the moment Anthony and I found out we were having a boy we started racking our brains to come up with a name. Despite people telling us we had plenty of time, for us it was important the baby had a name sooner rather than later.

As any parent will tell you, choosing a name is a tough decision, made even harder by the considerably short timeline we gave ourselves.

Anthony wanted something locked in straight away while I was happy to wait a few weeks to mill it over in my head. In the end, we agreed on a name – Oliver (Ollie) – when he was just 19 weeks gestation.

Sure we don’t know what he looks like or whether he will suit the name we have chosen for him but for us, it was important that he had an identity.

Our greatest hope is that Aidan will get to meet his little brother and in all likelihood this will happen but we want to be prepared. I don’t want Aidan dying without knowing his brother’s name. I want him to be a part of Ollie’s life, even if he can’t physically be here, and for Ollie to know that Aidan knew all about him and loved him. I want to be a family of four for as long as possible and in our minds, giving Ollie a name was the best way to embrace him into our family.

Ollie is currently 25 weeks gestation and 100 grams larger than Aidan was at birth so we have a fair idea of what he looks like in terms of size and development. No matter what the future holds in terms of this pregnancy, we know that he is already a person and an important part of our growth as a family.

I know our decision is not for everyone, as evidenced by the shocked looks we get from people when they discover we have already named him. Some worry, we are ‘jinxing’ the pregnancy, but I know from experience that life will deal you with whatever hand it wants whether the baby has a name or not. Then there are others who feel that knowing the gender and naming the baby takes out the element of surprise. Believe me, we’ve had enough surprises to last us a lifetime. The greatest surprise will come in the form of a healthy baby and that’s all we need.


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