Unexpected friends

Toddler Boy Listening To Nurse's Heart

Anthony and I attended a fundraiser on Friday night for the ward where Aidan receives his weekly platelet transfusions. It was a fun night filled with plenty of laughter and it made me realise just how much Aidan’s nursing staff and medical team are a part of our lives.

From the age of 8 months, Aidan attended this ward every month for a blood transfusion and then about 2 years ago, we began attending weekly for platelet transfusions as well as the extra day a month for the blood transfusions.

We see these people more than we see some of our own family and friends. They have become such a pivotal part of our lives that I suddenly wondered what would happen when we no longer had reason to see them.

These are the people who have been beside us when Aidan’s health has waned and have celebrated with us during the well times. They have seen Aidan’s struggles and triumphs. They have seen Anthony and I at our worst, me in my pyjamas with messy hair and tear streaks down my face and Anthony as he recovered from his car accident. They have guided us and held our hands as we have learnt to negotiate the hospital system. With all the ups and downs in our lives, Aidan’s team are the one constant.

It’s an odd relationship that is not easily defined. On the one hand, I think it’s important we maintain some sort of professional boundary but it’s near impossible when they become such an intimate part of our lives and Aidan’s journey. Just as they know all about us, we know all about their families as well. It’s hard not to become too familiar with the ward and the staff when you see them so often.

Losing Aidan will be heartbreaking in itself but saying goodbye to these relationships will be an added loss. However, if I had the choice I wouldn’t change a thing. It is great to see a familiar face when we go to hospital and having a few laughs while we are there is an added bonus.


One thought on “Unexpected friends

  1. I am at a loss for words to describe the connection I feel with the nurses who cared for Emily. ‘Eternal gratitude’ and ‘eternal friendship’ is about the best I can do. I love them dearly.

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