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There’s no doubt we live in an imperfect world with imperfect systems. When it comes to getting financial and physical assistance, many families sadly fall through the cracks. However, for us, the support we have received since Aidan’s diagnosis and Anthony’s accident has been overwhelming and I’m not just talking about families and friends –I’m talking about government agencies and charities.

I can’t help wondering if it’s a case of being in the right place at the right time or just surrounding ourselves with people keen to see as receive much help as we can, but I have been amazed by the assistance out there for families like us.

There are almost 60,000 registered charities in Australia and I constantly wonder how they all compete for Australia’s limited disposable income. Yet I am completely grateful that they do and that so many people and so many businesses choose to support them.

Just as Aidan’s beloved football players run out on the field with logo covered jerseys, I almost feel compelled to create one for Aidan, except there would hardly be space for all of them on one jersey. So in lieu of a jersey, here is a list of all the help we receive.

Medical care (and emotional support for me)
The Children’s Hospital at Westmead – in particular the Haematology and Palliative Care departments.
Australian Red Cross Blood Service  – without blood donations Aidan wouldn’t be alive.

Financial support (mostly one off donations)
The SMILE Foundation
The Steve Waugh Foundation
Keune Foundation

Educational support
STaR Association  – support Aidan to go to a mainstream preschool

Respite and support
Bear Cottage  – our only opportunity for a holiday as well as emotional support.
Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Palliative Care – provide our wonderful volunteer, Judy, on a weekly basis so I can clean the house and pay bills, etc

Entertainment and Memory Makers
Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia
Variety Children’s Charity

This does not include the many people who have held fundraisers for us, the many hairdressers and beauticians who provide pamper packages for palliative care mums, the various venues who provide free tickets like Taronga Zoo and the NRL, and the random people who quietly support families in need.

To anyone who supports a charity, whether for children’s illness or for something else, I say thank you. You can’t imagine the difference it makes to our lives.


4 thoughts on “Proudly sponsored by…

  1. Thanks for the post. I often think of the nurses that helped Emily. They will always be in our hearts as lifelong friends; and many of the doctors, too. And I think of those that gave blood, who didn’t even know who they were helping, just that they were helping someone. I regularly give blood (as often as they let me) and I always think of Emily when I do. In fact, I gave blood the afternoon of Emily’s funeral. They cleaned up the church building from Emily’s funeral and the family luncheon just a couple of hours before Red Cross came in and used the building for a blood drive. Like you, I am grateful for those who give.

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